Who is bella boop?

Déjà Mathews, affectionately known as 'Bella Boop' is a Sociologist, Certified Life Coach, Writer and self-proclaimed Queen of her own Universe.  After realizing corporate America was an energy vampire in disguise, she founded Bella Boop and Company to provide a place for focused, ambitious millennials to learn, grow and empower one another to see the light beyond the cubicle. She believes there is power in numbers and that a team of the right people can move mountains.

Déjà grew up on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia and has been a firecracker and go-getter all her life.  From the time she was reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution  at two years old to graduating from Georgia State University, she's always believed in the power of information and education; she calls herself a "lifetime learner".

She credits her drive and success to a critical mind and a sixth sense for understanding human capital and studying how groups of people work and thrive together.  She is a strategist on a mission to fulfill her purpose in making a meaningful impact on the world by empowering and inspiring millennials to set their goals in the stars and work their asses off until they get there.